About me

Photography is my passion

I am a Malaysian photographer based in Kuala Lumpur. I also specialise in such fields as corporate, event, food and portrait photography. Being a female photographer has certain advantages. In particular, my feminine touch helps me capture the subtle and tender emotions of my clients. I also tend to inject a lot of freshness and energy into my work and keep abreast with latest technology and techniques. I'm always looking to capture beautiful moments in time and to immortalise them for posterity. To me, every event is both unique and important, be it a wedding, corporate function or otherwise. 

Prior to the event, I consult with my clients to determine their preferences and confirm the agenda to ensure that everything is perfect. Following the event, I meticulously review and fine tune each photo (from hundreds of shots) using advanced editing software before selecting the best images to be placed in the designed album of their choice.

Cheers! Wanie